Magazine Themes

Benefits of Theme Libra

  • On the homepage of this magazine theme, you can fit 20 recent posts from 4 custom categories, the 2 most recent posts, and a featured post.
  • Additionally, you can view a twitter feed, a popular posts module, dropdown category menus, an About area, a search box and room for advertising – all this in 1 theme while achieving a spacious aura!
    >> Click on the screenshot to the right to view a demo of Theme Libra.

Libra WordPress Theme

Benefits of Theme Gemini

  • Gemini is busy, but simple. Everything has its own space, and has been scrupulously designed to be visually pleasing, as well as useful.
  • Crammed into the homepage, we have links to over 25 articles, recent comments, links, tags, and even all your categories.
    >> Click on screenshot to view demo. To preview light version, click here.

Gemini WordPress Theme

Easy To Customize

Theme Galaxy's WordPress themes are easy to understand and to edit within the WordPress Administration panel, allowing you to flexibly customize your theme.

Save CPU + Memory

Website templates from Theme Galaxy have been built lightly, incorporating optimized code, to help you save substantial CPU + memory usage on your server.

Up-To-Date WordPress

Our cutting-edge premium WordPress themes are compatible with recent and legacy WordPress releases.