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The Galaxy Theme

Sometimes, visitors come to our site looking for a “Galaxy” Theme, or a theme that has a galaxy design for their website.

Well, the good news is that all nine of our premium WordPress themes (Andromeda, Aquila, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Draco, Gemini, Libra, Lyra, Vela) are essentially Galaxy Themes.  With the Single License, it is mandatory to keep the Theme Galaxy logo,…

October 29 2009 Add a Comment

Using PHP to control dynamic content

First here’s a bit better explanation of the title – How to control your dynamic output (posts, navigation, feeds…) with simple use of PHP, of course this can be used where every you have automatically created content, but since we develop themes here, we’ll stick to WordPress!

To demonstrate this i’ll be using 3 very common problems that you have…

April 4 2009 4 Comments

CSS shadow effect

I know, we said we’ll focus on WordPress tutorials but, I can’t resist sharing cool CSS tricks from time to time like this one CSS shadow effect we’ve used for our Vela theme. If you take a look at Vela header you’ll see h1 and h2 text with blog title and description. Vela comes with two different background images, one is very colorful…

February 26 2009 9 Comments

Why choose a Theme Galaxy Theme?

1. Design Process

Each of our themes are designed from the ground up in Adobe Fireworks. We spend as much time designing each individual theme as we would if we were designing a custom web site for a client. There’s a great amount of attention to detail involved.

We also design every page, not just the homepage. This means that the same…

February 24 2009 12 Comments

ThemeGalaxy new blog part

We’re really happy to announce new part of ThemeGalaxyBlog where you will be able to find articles about WordPress development, tips, tricks and design articles focused also on WordPress.

So stay tuned articles are coming up, and if you haven’t already subscribe RSS or email!

February 16 2009 4 Comments

Easy To Customize

Theme Galaxy's WordPress themes are easy to understand and to edit within the WordPress Administration panel, allowing you to flexibly customize your theme.

Save CPU + Memory

Website templates from Theme Galaxy have been built lightly, incorporating optimized code, to help you save substantial CPU + memory usage on your server.

Up-To-Date WordPress

Our cutting-edge premium WordPress themes are compatible with recent and legacy WordPress releases.