The Big Bang

In the beginning, there were two designers who collaborated on the creation of a WordPress theme; One was a professional UI architect, the other a professional web developer, together they shared a common obsession:  WordPress. The design and integration of the theme went smoothly and both were delighted with the result, not to mention the enjoyment gleaned from working together on the project.

The Dust Settles

A short while after the completion of some other small projects the two web masters looked back fondly on the fluidity of the original site build and already there begun to be whispers of creating further themes together for different occasions. After discussions long into the night it was decided that a new web site would be built, and it would offer WordPress themes of utmost quality.

The Stars Align

On 2508080900 Theme Galaxy was born from a collision of bright ideas and its ideals were finalised – affordable, premium, unrivalled WordPress themes available to anyone. This site was built (on WordPress of course) to showcase those themes and put the process into motion.

The Future

We currently have 9 themes available to buy, and may add more in time. But don’t expect to see a starship load of themes flowing into our cosmos immediately – our focus is on quality not quantity.


Downloads are available after payment.  Please remember to click on “Click Here To Finalize Your Order” to complete the order and be taken to the download page.  2Checkout.com is an authorized retailer of Theme Galaxy.   PayPal, credit cards, and some other forms of payment are accepted at 2Checkout.  Refund Policy – If the customer is dissatisfied with the product, a refund may be issued if customer notifies us within 48 hours after payment by emailing ” admin [at] this domain dot net ” and stating the reason for the dissatisfaction.  After the refund, any files of the theme must also be deleted from wherever the customer had stored the theme.  Privacy Policy – No information submitted will be shared, sold, reused in lists, or be used for any other purpose than to complete a transaction or address a concern.

Contact Us

To contact us,  you can email us at admin [at] this domain dot net.
Also check out our press page for media materials and past press releases.

Easy To Customize

Theme Galaxy's WordPress themes are easy to understand and to edit within the WordPress Administration panel, allowing you to flexibly customize your theme.

Save CPU + Memory

Website templates from Theme Galaxy have been built lightly, incorporating optimized code, to help you save substantial CPU + memory usage on your server.

Up-To-Date WordPress

Our cutting-edge premium WordPress themes are compatible with recent and legacy WordPress releases.